Navigating the intricacies of commercial motor vehicle insurance demands a profound understanding, particularly in the context of the ‘Motor Vehicle Act-1988.’ This blog aims to unravel the layers of insurance by spotlighting Overturning Coverage and Engineering Policies, with a specific focus on the terms “used as a tool” and “tool of trade.”

Segment 1: Commercial Motor Vehicle Policy with Overturning Coverage and IMT 47 Endorsement

Overturning cover in commercial vehicle associated with IMT 47

Overturning cover in IMT 47

1.1 Definition and Focus:

1.2 Financial Protection:

1.3 Legal Compliance and ‘Motor Vehicle Act-1988’:

IMT 47 Endorsement Details:

Segment 2: Engineering Policies

2.1 Comprehensive Protection:

2.2 Coverage Dimensions:

Unraveling the layers of commercial motor vehicle insurance takes on new significance when viewed through the lens of the ‘Motor Vehicle Act-1988.’ The precision of Overturning Coverage, coupled with the comprehensive details of IMT 47 Endorsement, and the versatility of Engineering Policies, offers businesses a profound shield. Acknowledging commercial vehicles as tools of trade adds depth to the understanding, emphasizing the strategic importance of insurance in safeguarding businesses against challenges stipulated by the Act.

By: Rajiv Chauhan 

(Surveyor & Loss Assessor)

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